About the Study

APA Part 150 Noise Study establishes a voluntary, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) administered program that includes procedures to be followed by airports to assess aircraft noise and land use compatibility. It establishes a single system for evaluating aircraft noise, a single system for determining the exposure of individuals to aircraft noise, and a standardized airport noise compatibility planning program.

The planning program includes: (1) provisions for the development and submission to the FAA of a Noise Exposure Map (NEM) and Noise Compatibility Program (NCP) by airport operators; (2) standard noise units, methods, and analytical techniques for use in airport assessments; (3) identification of land uses which are normally considered compatible (or non-compatible) with various levels of noise around airports based on federal thresholds; and (4) procedures and criteria for FAA approval and disapproval of noise compatibility programs. The NCP will contain recommendations for noise abatement and mitigation addressing both land use and aircraft operational issues.

The Study that is currently underway will update the existing Noise Exposure Maps by looking at current noise and land use conditions and develop a forecast of future conditions. These maps will ultimately be accepted by the FAA. The Study will also be updating the Noise Compatibility Program, which is a set of recommended measure to address aircraft generated noise levels. Recommended measures from the NCP will be approved or disapproved by the FAA; Approved measures could be eligible for federal funding.